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Personal Computer

Personal computer is designed for individual use, word processing, internet browsing, email, multimedia playback and gaming

Tablet Computer

A wireless, portable computer with touchscreen interface. It is smaller than a notebook computer but larger than a smartphone.


A smartphe has many features such as an operating system, web browsing and ability to run software applications.

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Their customer service was exceptional. They were responsive, patient and genuinely interested in understanding my needs. Product is very convenient to use, easy to install even my kids can use.

Sarah Jones

Web Designer

I purchased a Headset with Microphone for use on my PC. I like the clear audio, lightweight characteristics. The only thing I had to adjust to was to position the microphone directly in front of my mouth in order to send clear transmissions. 

Jessica Foxx

I bought this laptop for college and it has met all my expectations. I have many zoom meetings and there is no lag. The graphics and processor is unbeatable for the price of the laptop. The mic and camera are amazing.

Briana Luke

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